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General Discussion / Re: World War 2 next?
« on: December 30, 2017, 01:39:29 AM »
Hi there! No new games out yet. Should have something new to add to the Great War game soon. Not certain on what will happen after that, but there will probably be a WW2 game not far down the line.

General Discussion / Re: World War 2 next?
« on: November 21, 2017, 10:01:18 PM »
Sorry for the wait. I built the engine that Pixel Soldiers runs on from scratch and sometimes I need to maintain it which takes some time. The Great War is getting my full attention now so it shouldn't be too much longer. I hope you'll like all the new features in the next update. :)

General Discussion / Re: World War 2 next?
« on: November 07, 2017, 06:01:32 PM »
Probably will be a big update to The Great War game before embarking on the next adventure. :)

General Discussion / Re: World War 2 next?
« on: November 03, 2017, 11:07:38 PM »
Thanks again for the ideas! You obviously know your stuff!

I have been thinking of moving to a free to play style system, where the first campaign is free and has DLC campaigns. This would make games bigger, but it's certainly something that can be experimented with. I know many people who play these games dislike some aspects of free to play games (myself included) but I think it can be done in a way where players aren't manipulated out of their money.

I don't have a discord account right now, but I can be reached on the following...
Twitter @jollypixelgames

General Discussion / Re: World War 2 next?
« on: November 02, 2017, 01:07:15 PM »
Nice sprite designs! Thanks!

Always happy to hear ideas so I'll be grateful if you let me know.

If I work on a WW2 game (which is quite likely) it will probably be split into campaigns, rather than trying to squeeze the whole war in a single game. Starting out by making a Spanish Civil War game would be rather apt, since historically it was used as a tactical testing ground by some of the major powers. That's an interesting idea.

The ability to advance units from one game to another would be quite difficult to implement. Not sure how to do that off the top of my head. If people play through the campaigns in the wrong order that could also cause a problem. Something I can think about doing within each individual game though. I have been thinking of ways to add some kind of advancement.

Thanks for the ideas and let me know if you have think of anything else that you would like to share. :)

General Discussion / Re: World War 2 next?
« on: September 23, 2017, 11:32:11 PM »
Yep, looks like WW2 is winning, so there probably will be a WW2 game at some point. May not be the next game though!

Not sure how I would go about doing that, but thanks for the idea! :)

General Discussion / Re: Pixel Solider is Free in China
« on: August 26, 2017, 07:31:44 PM »
Thanks for telling me the game is free in China. Unfortunately I don't have much control of the game in China because Google Play is not officially supported there. I would like to take a look at modern warfare, but I agree that there need to be changes. Air power is something I need to work out.

Thanks voful for the bug report! I wasn't aware of that one.

Thanks for the suggestions and votes everyone. :)

Requests and Feedback / Re: Saratoga
« on: August 18, 2017, 07:07:58 PM »
An update to Saratoga has just been released (version 1.03) which should patch up the problems listed here.

General Discussion / Re: Scale questions
« on: August 11, 2017, 01:49:24 AM »
Hi there! Thanks for joining the forum! I replied to a similar comment that was left on the Google Play Store.

When it comes to distance scale, I don't really have a figure in mind as I prefer go with the "whatever feels right" method. Paper strength of battalions were often said to be approximately 1000 men, but in battle the number of fighting men was often far fewer, even before taking casualties. So I decided that 600 would be a reasonable figure.

Any more comments and concerns you might have are welcome. I do want the games to be historically accurate, so I'd also like to know if you have any historical feedback. Thanks!

Requests and Feedback / Re: Saratoga
« on: July 17, 2017, 08:04:38 PM »
When you get the +0 recoveries, what does the game tell you the maximum recovery will be? Do you mainly get +0 when it's a low maximum like less than 10?

Requests and Feedback / Re: Saratoga
« on: July 15, 2017, 11:58:55 PM »
Thanks for the input! Yes, there were two battles at Saratoga that were fought on the same battlefield. So I understand what you mean there.

I'm happy to hear you like the new format. That's a good idea on reminding players if they have left over points. I'm not sure what's going on there with the 0 recovery coming up often. That wasn't the intention. I'll take a look at why it's favouring zero values.

Was you running the AI in fast forward when a unit retreated through an enemy unit? It may be that the game didn't register that it had passed through an enemy unit. It's something that others have noted recently so I'll need to make a few changes with the way that works.

Requests and Feedback / Re: New maps for sandbox mode
« on: July 03, 2017, 05:14:36 PM »
Playing as the French could be fun, but that may need to wait for a later game ☺

Requests and Feedback / Re: New maps for sandbox mode
« on: June 26, 2017, 06:08:17 PM »
There were no cavalry during the Saratoga campaign, that's why they're not available. Even the Brunswick dragoons were horseless. I would like to hear thoughts from anyone else who thinks that cavalry should or should not be included in sandbox for the Saratoga game. Let me know! :-)

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